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Hypo-Allergenic floor

If you suffer from allergies, you may have taken steps to get rid of the obvious sources of allergens in your home. However, what about your flooring? The floor covering you selected in your home can have a specific impact on your allergy symptoms.

You're probably already conscious of the potential allergens such as dust and dust mites. These tiny dust mites that take up residence in your gorgeous carpeting can produce up to three hundred eggs during their life time. This means lots more little dust mites to exacerbate your sneezing and runny nose. Luckily, you do have an option.

Wood flooring provides a smooth surface that doesn't harbor dust or other allergens; this is particularly common with use of wood floor or laminate flooring.

All of the above hypoallergenic flooring choices provide a more favourable surface for allergy sufferers than carpeting. However, it's important to regularly vacuum and clean any loose dust and debris from any flooring that you choose. Make this a regular routine and you can experience a significant decrease in your allergy symptoms.