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Keep your floor like new

Keeping your wood floor looking like day one is pretty easy and is just a matter of some preventive maintenance and, like most things in life, some good old common sense.

  • Use mats outside entryways to keep dirt and grit that can scratch your floor where it belongs. You might want to use an area rug inside for added protection. Plus, they look good.
  • Sweep or vacuum when you need to. This will get the scratchy dirt and grit that makes it inside.
  • When moving heavy things – appliances, furniture and such – slip a blanket or carpet scrap face down under each foot of the piece and slide it over the floor to prevent scratching and gouging. It’ll move a whole lot easier, too.
  • Use floor protectors on the legs of furniture to avoid scratching and gouging. Also, if your furniture has floor casters, make sure they're the wide-barrel type. These work best. If your furniture doesn't have these, we suggest changing them. Your local hardware store can help you with any of these products.
  • Wipe spills up as soon as possible. Wetness and wood floors just don’t get along.
  • Keep your home's relative humidity ideally between 45% and 55% – although between 35% and 65% is okay, too. This will help prevent excess shrinkage, cracking, swelling or cupping. You can keep your relative humidity just right by using a humidifier or dehumidifier or even with the proper air conditioning.
  • Use runners or area rugs in high traffic zones to minimize wear. If you see wear developing, you should refinish the affected area. Catch it early, if you can. If you re-coat before the finish is completely worn, you can avoid the need to completely re-sand and refinish.
  • Wood floors age. It’s natural. Over time, your floor will change in colour as it gains its final character and patina. Some wood species – cherry, for example – change more than others. So your floor ages uniformly, it's a good idea to move furniture and area rugs from time to time – especially in areas exposed to direct sunlight.