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Engineering floor

Wood floors are some of the most beautiful and warmest floors you can have in your home. And not only are they beautiful, but they're a good investment too. Homes with wood flooring have proven to have a higher resale value and sell faster than comparable homes without wood floors.

Wood floors now come in a variety of types, species and finishes so you can find the right floor for your taste and budget.

You'll find wood floors come in three types:


Laminate flooring is not solid timber flooring and thus is more economical. Generally the laminate floor comes in planks just like real wood. Due to its construction laminate flooring looks like timber, in fact, it is really a photocopy of timber.


Prefinished hardwood floor
Sanded and finished in a factory prefinished hardwood comes in solid and engineered varieties. Prefinished hardwoods are characterised by seven to nine coats. They are also UV cured allowing them to have little or no debris. Most prefinished floors have 25-year wear warranties. With proper care, your prefinished floor may never need to be refinished.

Engineered wood flooring
Engineered hardwood include layers of wood glued together on the bottom and a veneer of finished hardwood on the top. Because they’re made of real wood, they require the same care and maintenance as real wood products do. Most engineered woods are 28 cm and wider. They are also on a cross-ply construction that makes them more dimensionally stable than their solid counterparts.