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Kitchen Renovations

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Kitchen renovation is a great way to make this common gathering place a more efficient, comfortable, and beautiful room while at the same time adding value to your home. Studies have shown that many families spend more waking hours in the kitchen than any other room in the house.

Hi HOME IMPROVEMENT  will start by helping you select the best materials available, and then we´ll follow through with thorough, expert installation, while paying strict attention to details. The layout of your kitchen—where you place your appliances, your countertops, and your storage—will determine how cook-friendly your kitchen is.  Ask yourself:





  • Will I have to walk far to get water to top off a pot on the stove?
  • Will I have enough space to slice, dice, chop, and otherwise prepare meals?
  • Will I have room to store the olive oil near the stove or will I have to go across the room to get it?
  • Will two or more cooks be able to work comfortably in the space without constantly bumping into each other?
  • Will I be able to easily rinse dishes and load them into the dishwasher?
  • Do I prefer a range or a separate cooktop and oven?
  • Do I need a prep sink and a cleanup sink?
  • Do I need an eating area in the kitchen?





Modern Kitchen Designs by Hi Home Improvement




Of course, if you’re renovaiting, the structure of your existing home will limit your layout options. You’ll have considerably more flexibility the larger your space and if you’re building a new home or adding on. Common kitchen plans include the one-wall kitchen, the corridor or galley kitchen, the L or double L kitchen, the U-shaped kitchen and the G-shaped kitchen. One factor to consider when planning your budget for a kitchen renovaiting project are to consider the layout and cabinet configuration. It will affect the price greatly, for example, a stack of drawers will be higher-priced than a one-drawer/two-door base cabinet. A U-shaped kitchen will typically cost more than one that’s L-shaped with an island. A wall oven/cooktop combination range will generally cost about $1,000 more than a freestanding range. Hi Home Improvement  kitchen design team will provide various options with countertops, cabinets and the layout based on the available space.


When choosing cabinets consider the wood species that will cover the cabinets, door style, the type of finish, as well as the cabinet construction. Choosing the right wood will help to figure a budget on cabinets, as well as your entire kitchen. Melamine surfaces will be the least costly, cherry is usually about 7 to 10 percent more than oak, hickory and pine. Specialty woods like alder, mahogany, fir, rift-cut woods, redwood, and teak will cost more than common woods like oak or pine. Maple is the most common wood, usually priced somewhere between oak and cherry. The style of door you decide upon will also have an affect on the price of a kitchen renovation.

A door with more details like arches, grooves and molding and the amount of each will have an affect on the cost as well. Different finishes are also a factor to consider because the types of finishes will vary in price. Painted cabinets will run about 10 to 15 percent more than standard stains. Glazes or layered finishes will run about 7 to 15 percent more than a standard stain due to extra labor.

Hi Home Improvement will once again provide the various cabinet options based on your budget and color scheme


Saving Space in the Kitchen – Kitchen Hi Home Improvement


Kitchen Space Saving Designs

Larger appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators can be built into drawer spaces, seamlessly blending into the cabinetry and making it easy for users to access the items. An induction cooktop is both energy efficient with the added benefit of improved safety compared to conventional models. Induction stoves don’t pose as great a fire hazard without an open flame and the surface remains neutral in temperature during cooking. Because the cooktop is shallow compared to other cooktop options, it creates space for access by users in wheelchairs. Leaving empty space under countertops around the sink or cooking area is valuable for seating access and flexibility. A lower countertop and sink can make it easier to use by younger children or someone who uses a wheelchair.

Some manufacturers make adjustable height countertops that can be raised and lowered based on the individual who is using the space. Roll out shelves or drawers also make it easy to see and reach items in low cabinets. A pull out counter under a built in single wall oven makes transfering hot dishes and pans from the oven easier. Hands free, touch activated faucets are a great way for users, particularly those with arthritis, can be beneficial for younger children who might have difficulty reaching the handle to tun the faucet on and off. An automatic shut-off feature that turns off the flow of water after a designated period of time can help conserve water.