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Bamboo floor




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Bamboo Flooring



Bamboo flooring is truly amazing. Now that consumers have had an opportunity to live on their bamboo floors for awhile, the results are in and they are fantastic. It's no surprise to us; bamboo is harder than most woods used to mill hardwood flooring. And because it’s grass, it grows and grows, giving us a sustainable and renewable resource to draw on for many generations, while never downing one tree. For the eco-conscious, you'll have done about the best thing you can do when purchasing natural bamboo flooring.

Bamboo Hi Home Improvement specializes in providing cheap bamboo flooring prices for our customers. Our business model of selling directly to consumers ensures that when you buy bamboo flooring from us it will be at discount prices. Customers are always amazed at how we can sell our flooring at wholesale bamboo flooring prices.

Choosing the right style for you


Because bamboo can't be stained like a traditional hardwood floor, it was only available in natural finishes. As technology has progressed, you can now get bamboo flooring in a variety of finishes, even hand scraped and carbonized (heating the bamboo until it darkens). As a result, today's bamboo floors are more beautiful than ever before.

Bamboo flooring comes in a variety of styles from typically one species of bamboo commonly called Moso. There are three main styles of bamboo floors: horizontal, vertical, and woven or stranded. Choosing which one is a matter of preference. There are also different aspects of each style. Buyers have to choose whether they want solid or engineered bamboo flooring.

Solid bamboo flooring is composed of strips of bamboo pressed together to make floorboards. These can only be nailed or glued onto the subfloor. Engineered bamboo flooring is composed of bamboo strips on top of the plank that can be layered on other woods. It can be floated on the subfloor and thus you get the term floating bamboo flooring. If you're searching for the best of all worlds, then you're in the right place. Bamboo gives us everything: Durability, beauty, value and "green". And at Bamboo Importers, you'll get the best price on bamboo flooring that you'll find anywhere. We guarantee it.


Bamboo floors strand woven


Price from  $42    per sq m


Supply and Install in All Sydney Area;


Full Service:


free quote , supply, bamboo floor , underlay Installation, beading ,metal trims


         from $65 per sq m




Solid Click Floating Floor


Patented Locking System: Licensed By Flooring Industries


1830mm x 125mm x 14mm


Colour Range




Natural, Coffee (Matt or Semi Gloss)


Coloured Series:


Brown Sugar, Coral Reef, Walnut,


Wengue, White Wash, Vintage Natural, Vintage Coffee,


French Bleed, Marble (Semi Gloss)





Strand woven bamboo has an impressive Janka hardness


rating of 15.0 and is one of the hardest floors in Australia.





8 layers of “KLUMPP” water base polyurethane



Moisture Content




VOC Emissions


E1 Below World Health Organisation Level